Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Future Has Arrived

You know how one animated movie or another always seems to insist that their film takes animation into the next era, but when you see the thing it's either too dark (Beowulf and Polar Express spring readily to mind) or stiff and unrealistic, pulling you out of the story over and over (the two I just mentioned are examples of this flaw, too)?

Well folks, I have SEEN the future and it is RANGO. From Industrial Light and Magic, the studio owned by George Lucas that changed special effects with Star Wars), comes a Spaghetti Western with a touch of Hunter Thompson, Chinatown thrown in, the storyline is just okay (SPOILER: a weak stranger comes to town, becomes town sheriff through lies, gets found out and leaves, comes back, saves the town and gets the girl), but the animation is breathtaking. Just glorious, and this is from an old computer graphics nrrd grrl who knows her good vs bad when it comes to animation.

It's important to note that this is NOT a film for children (MANY jokes they simply won't get, and some imagery that scared the bejeesus out of all the kids around me - from 5ish - 10ish), but rather for those of you who are real movie aficionados. I kept hearing Johnny Depp (who voices Rango) channeling George Clooney's O Brother Where Art Thou? character, but go see for yourself. I recommend the late showings so there are fewer children, and oh, if you speak some Spanish, there are some laughs, too. For whatever reason, get yourself to a theater and see this. I doubt it'll be around long, because of the target audience, so GO. NOW. And let me know what you think.