Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Timelapse As A Window On Our Lives

As most people, I suspect, I have long been fascinated with time lapse photography. As a student, I remember watching films of seeds emerge from soil and evolve into plants; water droplets splash into beautiful geometric patterns, clouds run across the sky as day and night blended into one magical vista. But the advent of putting technology into the individual's hands has allowed the growth of new ways of expressing time through photography. The film I offer today, for example, shows not just a year's follicle growth on the man's face, but the changes the life experiences made on his visage as well. I find herein an expression of beauty that I have only found in fictional accounts previously. For me, there's a richness of texture and feeling to this film that transcends mere documentation and moves into the realm of poetry.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gaga for GaGa..and for the parodies, too

Now you have to know I find Lady GaGa undeniably interesting, and I look forward to each new glimpse of the eye candy she wraps (whoops, typed warps instead of wraps...almost left it as it fits!) herself, so I find her Bad Romance (featured here a few posts ago) and her Telephone vids delightful.

And the "real" Telephone video:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thai Wednesday

Buddha Bless

It should be said up front that I am a comPLETE sucker for eye candy, especially that which incorporates massively strange slants. That said, I hereby offer a tasty diversion from Thailand for Hump Day, guaranteed to get you through the rest of the week with a smile.

First up is Buddha Bless, a "reggae-dancehall" group..perhaps the only one in existence.

Next is Maitai Chaitawan, a hitmaker in Thailand at the moment. Hey, you gotta love the costume, right? Reminds me in some odd way of the English Schoolboy's gear that Angus Young of AC/DC wears while maniacally wailing on his guitar.

There. You feeling happier now? I hope so. I really do.