Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Loss

Two friends gone in as many weeks, though one died just after Ron, last August.

Jerry was a buddy, a pal.  We met at a football game, where he and the sweet boy who would become my longest-running relationship in High School were sitting behind me, endlessly blowing an air horn in my ear.  Jerry was never a romantic interest for me that I remember (my memory is apparently flawed in that regard, as more than one old friend has said we had a romantic involvement when I remembered none), but rather an extremely good friend.  He listened, I talked.  He talked, I listened.    We both despaired of ever finding true love, and even had a pact at one point in which we would get together and give one another a try if we were still virgins when we were 25.  Of course, we lost touch soon after high school, only reconnecting about two years ago.  Jerry had become a reclusive curmudgeon, living with his wife of many decades in eastern Oregon, and try as I might, I never got the sense there was a smile or even a glimmer at the other end of our communication.

I'm sorry he's gone, for I feel the loss, but I think he was more than ready, and so I am glad for his release.  I confess that I really hope there's some interim meetup waiting for me after this life...more and more people I care about are over there. And maybe that's my final shred of hope that lingers after all else falls away...

A Change of Location

If anyone is even reading this much-neglected, overgrown-with-weeds space, you may have wondered where I disappeared to, and I thought I've give you a map.  I have to warn you that there are plenty of weeds over in the new space, too, as I've withdrawn from a LOT of the places where I previously chanced contact with the virtual world.  I'd also like to tell you I'll be doing a lot more writing, sharing my thoughts and heartsong...I'd like to tell you that, but I'm not at all certain it's true.  Nonetheless, you deserve to better than to simply be left hanging.  So, if you care (and it's really okay if you don't, a lot of days I don't, either), go to my new(er) blog for the occasional burst of communication.  Now I'm off to write a post over there...see ya!