Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Da Bones Journal
made for use at Journalfest

October, 2009; the month of quantum acceleration in Els' creative brain.

After Glenny's Art & Soul in Portland at the beginning of the month, I wasn't quite satiated yet, but after another intense three days and nights at Teesha and Tracy Moore's Journalfest here in Port Townsend, I am done. Stick a fork in me.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED to have attended both events, and I already have plans to attend MORE next year, but for now I am full to overflowing with ideas for new work and changes to works in progress. My creative self feels much the same as my physical self does after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. A little bloated, a little sleepy, but both with a BIG smile across my puss. And NOW is no time to go back to sleep!

Today is Not Tomorrow Journal
Made in Doris Arndt class at Journalfest

I have posted a number of photos of work done at Journalfest in the My Albums section of my website, with photos of the work done at Art & Soul to follow shortly, along with a few movies of the work made, as still shots do a sub-standard job of capturing the dimensional aspects of the pieces. I am very pleased with all that I learned, and have a clear idea of the next set of information needed on my journey.

Love Is the Key front cover
made in Stephanie Lee class at Journalfest

Now, the fog is clearing fast, so ONWARD!


melanie joy said...

sounds like fun. wish i'd been there!
LOVE the keyhole cover.

goatgoddess said...

wow you have busy busy!!!
love the journals

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

wonderful and magical journals you've created! I am still trying to use what I learned a couple of years ago at Art & Soul in Hampton, VA ... time seems to move at warp speed these days!
p.s. I'm afraid to start making inchie cubes again ;)

jennifer lorton said...

I was looking through my loot from Journalfest and I came across your tresures and I just wanted to write and say thank you. The work you did there is beautiful. Hope to see you again, maybe at Artfest?
Best wishes.