Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marching Toward the Abyss

Gerry Rafferty in 2003

There is music that I consider the Soundtrack of My Life; almost anything by the Beatles or Joni Mitchell, one album by Bob Seger, a couple from Stan Getz, a Mills Brother's album, and others. Of these, there is a slim set that when played, result in me feeling stronger, braver, more alive somehow.

Gerry Rafferty's City To City album (yes, was originally released on vinyl) is one of those. With perfect pitch and a rich voice, Gerry reaches in, fills my soul, and singing along to his music always results in feeling better.

So when I read of Rafferty's death this morning, it was with a genuine sense of loss overlaid with sincere gratitude for having made his music. Gerry battled demons and it would seem the demons ultimately won (you can read more at the Guardian), but he left behind what I consider a nearly perfect disc. Only 11 days younger than my first husband (Rafferty was born April 16, 1947), I find Rafferty's death also serves to remind me that my generation is now within easy sight of the end. But not yet, not today, not for me, not for many others...maybe tomorrow.

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Ron said...

I may have to borrow your "album" copy is on one of those things called "cassettes", which I'm sure would immediately gum up any player I'd put it in... :)