Thursday, February 5, 2009

Computer Blues

My NEW system has suffered a catastrophic hard disk error, so until I can sort everything out, I am limping along with my old system. Of course, using THAT machine will require tranquillizers or some DEEP meditation, but it's better than the library! Barely...

Unfortunately, being deprived of my quick little friend means I'm actually forced to watch the news again each night, and now I need someone to explain to me WHY the Republicans can't seem to understand that the majority of voters voted AGAINST their stupid economic policies. Seven YEARS of reducing taxes clearly didn't fix ANYthing, did it? So stop saying that's what we need to do! It's OBVIOUS that the game you're playing is to strip the stimulus package so that it will ultimately FAIL and thus you can point at Obama and the Dems and say "See? We TOLD you their way wouldn't work!" It's a great political strategy, but it really screws your constiuency. Even your fearful core is starting to wonder why you're being so frakkin' stupid! Get your collective and individual selfish heads out of the sand...or where ever they happen to be *snort* and stop pulling this partisan crap. See if you can give a damn about ANYONE but yourselves for a CHANGE.

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