Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

Remember that post about manifesting love that I made back in June? I talked about the deep chill over my house and how "I started taking stock and making myself ready for my love, who I feel certain is surely nearer me with every breath taken. Love, I am waiting..." Remember that? Well here's a miracle...I met a very nice, witty, smart, attractive man whilst standing in the post office queue, and tonight, a week later, we have talked, been to dinner, snogged (who knew THAT would ever happen again!?! It did and was amazingly delightful!), and tonight I'm taking dinner down to his place...a mere two blocks away - on the same street.

Is this lovely gentle man slated for more than where we currently stand? Who knows? We're both just enjoying this surprising turn of life for now, with no plans for more than each week as it comes. We plan to make a couple of treks to Seattle, so it's more like a week at a time than a day at a time.

Isn't it wonderful that life forever has the capacity to surprise and delight? Truly, my newfound motto of "Today is not tomorrow" is perfect. It's a beautiful life...

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