Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If You're Looking For Me...

Due to the B***S**T of the people who've taken over Ron's estate handling (entirely his fault for leaving zero instructions on what and how he wanted his estate handled), I no longer have my regular email (they are holding the domains for ransom   -one of which I have owned for almost 20 years,  but that Ron administered, including paying the yearly fees in trade for some work I did for him - NOT on paper anywhere, unfortunately), nor do I have my telephone, which, though my own phone and account, was paid for out our business account, as that's ALmost the only thing it was used for.  As of this writing, I don't have a phone or control of my domains, and cannot conduct business either as RVBC or for Lorien Shaw.

So if you're trying to reach me, leave a comment here with some form of email address I can use, and I'll drop you a line from a gmail or yahoo account of some sort.

Meanwhile, I apparently have contracted whatever plague V had the past week.  My own fault for taking such care of him, but hey...sometimes you simply have to weather the times labeled "...for worse" in order to enjoy the "..for better" times ahead.

Speaking of weather...after a profoundly dry summer, Autumn in the form of windy, cold, and wet arrived over the weekend.  The back yard is filling with leaves from the cherry, plum, apple, and walnut trees, and the lovely maple out front is starting to drop her red and gold glory, too. " Winter is coming!" the wind whispers and shouts.

I finished a commission piece for a woman in Arkansas, a doll called "The Conductor," and in the process rediscovered how great it feels to see one of my creations finished.  I always dread the costuming process, but when done, I am consistently thrilled with the result.  I also love how almost all of my dolls are capable of standing on their own.  Apparently, that's not a common skill.  I've just always understood the anatomy plus center of gravity equation involved in standing.  Here're a couple of pictures taken just after I was finished.  A few details have been added since taking these, and he may yet be placed on a platform for better stability.  Better (portfolio worthy) photos will be taken before packing and shipping him to Arkansas, and I'll post them here.

 The Conductor by E. Lorien Shaw, 2012

The Conductor, detail

Now I'm going back to recovering from the Plague (blech) and my book, and the A**H**LES in Texas can go to Hell.  Oh, that's right...they're already THERE!

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