Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Non-Stop Fun in The Madhouse

The only time I got to sit down Sunday was when I read a couple of notes and replied. Otherwise, the entire day was one mad dash. Much as the Friday had been, though this time I wasn't required to drive to Port Angeles and back!

I awoke to find Shadoe twirling endlessly, frantically, and the day evolved in that same crazy vein.

As soon as I made coffee, I was off and running. In and out and in and out of the garage, getting the animal cage, then the baby gate, then the cat carrier, etc. etc., and I experimented with how to deal with this situation and/or was cleaning up after one or another of the critters ALL day.

I fed all the furry eyes, and then decided to stir the blackberry cordial. Licking the spoon, I dribbled juice down the front of my favourite white shirt! SO I boiled water, poured it over the stains, and then put it over on the stair rail to be taken down to the washer.

I had moved Shadoe to the cage by that point in the proceedings, and she was even MORE frantic without an exit from that space. So I increased the size of her enclosure with chairs and boards and god knows what else I grabbed from the garage, including the old and funky cat box (I had to do a small repair on it before putting it into use). I added some food and water and let poor Miss Grey Kitty out.

I went off for my second cup of coffee, and just as I started to sip, the sound of something "not quite right" as Madeline's Miss Clavell would say, wafted in from the direction of Shadoe's enclosure, so off I went to check on her. Ack! She had peed in the cat box, then walked (circling, ever circling) across the other side and INTO the water, then into her food then into the cat box then then then...get the picture? WET cat litter and water ALL over the place before I noticed. Segue a half hour forward, THAT mess was cleaned up and Shadoe was roaming and circling....twirling small grey cat. Now AS I dashed around, trying to clean up Shadoe's mess, Brady jumped up in the middle of my art mess on the dining table, looked me in the eye and hurled a monster cat ook onto my workspace. Oh GREAT...cleaned that up. AS I was throwing that paper towel in the garbage, Big jumped up and knocked a FULL glass of apple juice over the art space. The good news? Cleaning up after Brady,I had JUST moved all the just completed watercolour cards for a swap, PLUS a chunky page that was finished. The bad news? The juice went EVERYWHERE...even into the tub of watercolour tubes and my pens. AGGGGGHHHHH! Segue an hour forward. Everything was washed and dried or thrown out, and the floor was poorly mopped.

At this point I decided to seal the bedrooms and stairway off with the baby gate in an attempt to contain Shadoe within the kitchen-dining-living rooms. Fine. I got the baby gate secured and only THEN discovered that I was on the wrong side. Opened the gate, went to the other side, closed it. Grabbed the blouse to take to the washer and noticed that as it sat on the railing, it had picked some other frip that required another fifteen minutes scrubbing in the laundry room before throwing it in washer with some other stuff.

While down there, I grabbed the shop vac and started back upstairs. Oh, wait, I told myself, you need to get some stuff from your studio while you're down here! Better check your mail while you're in here. Oh cool, a note from Ang; I can sit for a minute. Lalalalala...brain on holiday suddenly.

Who knows how long to fast forward this time, but I finally hit send, finally realising I still had stuff to tend to upstairs. I grabbed the shop vac and got up there only to remember I had forgotten what I needed from my studio. Of course, by that time I was on the wrong side of the baby gate again.

I think you get the frantic picture. And I didn't even mention the part where on one of my trips to the garage, I noticed that I hadn't dropped the rent check off on Friday! Ack! So I drove downtown to do that, and of COURSE this was the day of the Kinetic Race, a Festival of Kraziness that CULMINATES at the Fairgrounds across the street from my house. NOT surprisingly, said culmination corresponded to me pulling out for that trip into town. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!

I was more than a little twitchy by the end of the day, and ended it by taking a bath and falling gratefully into bed...

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