Sunday, October 26, 2008

TR2N...Only Three Years To Go...

In front of my nice flat screen monitor sits a lovely clear, aqua blue with white markings Flynn doll from that was sold as an advertisting adjunct to the movie Tron, circa 1982. Yeah, well, I also have two lightcycles (complete with their little gear-toothed ripcord, and original Luke Skywalker, Republic Stormtrooper, and Jabba Fett are lurking nearby, so eat your heart out. Tis but one of the benefits of being an ancient nrrd-grrl! Ha!

There's finally a sequel on the horizon, due out sometime in 2011, and there're all kinds of rumours and tantalizing glimpses of possibilities buzzing around the Net, foremost of which is the bootlegged video of the trailer shown at Comic Con this year. It's fuzzy, but you can see enough of the toys and tricks to get excited, and that's what matters to We the Sci-Fi Nerds. Here it is:

I'll leave you with two trailers for the original Tron movie. First, the original trailer that was released with the film in '82, and then a trailer that was created by one "Master of the Cut" on YouTube's HDFINC's Channel.

I'll let you be the arbiter of taste here...which do you think is better?

The original version:

The recreation:

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Anonymous said...

A sequel to Tron? Oh my; that should be interesting. Thanks for the heads-up.