Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaugural Ball

My little town of 8,000 folks is so frakkin' COOL. I'm just back from being outside with the Demented One (the aging wiener dog, who no longer knows where his butt is or why he's outside) and there are dozens and dozens of cars simply POURING into the Fairgrounds. Now this is very quiet little place, where the sidewalks get rolled up after dark most nights, so I had to come check the Port Townsend Leader's Community Calendar to see what was up. Here's what I found:

Yes We Can-Can Inaugural Ball
celebrates the new presidential administration, 7-10 p.m. at Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Live music, dessert potluck, inauguration rerun and campaign highlights on big screen. Admission by donation; proceeds benefit the Port Townsend Food Bank. Dress: funky to fancy.

I've spent the entire day, all by my lonesome, watching CNN, etc., thrilled and weeping and laughing and shrieking with joy to see Bush out and to see oh-so-authentic Obama in. And NOW I discover there's a Ball just across the street where I could actually share this wonderous moment with others, and I am SO not prepared. I don't think they'd even let me in at the "funky" end of their Dress code. Bag Lady is closer to the truth.

But ain't it cool that my little burg is and involved with life enough to have such a thing? I just love this place...

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