Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Uplift - The Line And The Dot; "To The Vector Belong the Spoils"

A favourite animated piece from the 60s is your uplifting moment today, narrated by the delightful Robert Morley.

Herein lies a tale of love - a love triangle, if you will (oh, stop your groaning!). I always rooted for Line, of course, and felt bad for the well-intentioned if disorganised Squiggle, but I have little positive to offer in defense of that utterly capricious Dot, who will doubtless end up breaking poor Line's heart by leaving him for some wretched Platonic Solid, French Curve, or Gordian Knot...never realising, of course, that Line was capable of being all those and MORE! Ah me, such is the whim of one without corners or edges, locked forever in a circular motion...

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