Saturday, September 12, 2009

Status Report

I was always the world's worst when it came to logging my weekly status report with management back in my corporate life, so the title of this post is a bit of a joke, though I confess I'm beginning to need to keep status reports for mySELF! How miserably wretched is THAT?

I've been incredibly, phenomenally, profoundly busy the last month or so, and that's not going to stop being my daily truth until late November. And only then if I stop taking on new tasks, projects, and promising another slice of my time and attention to someone.

After weeks of coding/building the sucker, the last few days I've been really trying to take my Wolf Bird Studios website live, but continue to experience some FTP difficulties on that front. Setting her jaw and stamping her foot, she insisted "I WILL have this done before the Art and Soul Art Retreat the first week of October!" Determination R Us.

Right. So here's what I owe everyone - and if your request isn't reflected in the following list, you MIGHT want to ping me sometime soon...

Write public invitation for Sci-Fi Reading Group I've been asked to organise and lead. - due by 9/20/09
Magic wand for Teresa finished and shipped to Wisconsin - due asap
The Mad Alchemistart doll finished and shipped to Seattle - due asap
The Deck Project (iATC) - a new piece due weekly through 10/01/10
The Chakra Swap (A4A) - four atcs due 11/22/09
Miniature Book w/Inchies (iATC) - eighteen inchies mounted in a miniature handmade book due 01/11/09
Closet Swap (iATC) - atcs already on hand due in Canada on 10/10/09
Sock Symposium (weekend of Sept 18th) - learn to knit socks, stay two nights in Towanda the Wonder Bus on nearby property!
New web site finished - when? when? when it is DONE!
Art Retreat 9/29-10/04/09
Packages shipped - due by 09/20/09

I know there's more, but my brain is starting to liquify at this point in the evening after a very full day out and about at the Wooden Boat Festival here in Port Townsend.

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melanie joy said...

RELAX lady! Isn't it your birthday??
Try to let it slide today and have a good one.

Oh, and youre going to the sock symposium? Lucky dog.