Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's No Place Like the Internet, There's No Place...

So last we spoke, my horrible-terrible-awful-birthday was in full strike. Another catastrophe struck in the form of THE worst brownie+frosting combo in human history. Seriously. I gave some to a coworker just to see if I was overly biased by the horrible, etc. day, and she ended up spitting out the bite and throwing the rest away. Who knew you could ruin chocolate or lemon frosting? It was so bad that Peter and were practically on the floor with our laughter at just how utterly doomed my birthday seems to be. When midnight struck we high-fived one another and went off to our beds relieved the beastly twenty-four hour period was behind us for another year.

The next day dawned GLORIOUSLY, with stunning Indian Summer weather here. I dressed and ran around town with many errands to accomplish by the afternoon, and everywhere I went I ran into people who were glad to see me. When I got home, there were cards in the mailbox from distant friends, and an e-mailbox full of greetings from dozens of friends. One friend in Scotland went so far as to start a special forum thread for my birthday greetings in the online group to which we both belong! I was so amazed anyone would go to that trouble for me, and so very pleased by everyone's kind words in the thread. Really means a lot to me.

Yesterday I was up at oh-dark-thirty taking Peter to the shuttle stop, and then running at top speed which didn't stop until I flopped into bed, comPLETEly whipped at 11pm, just in time to watch Jon Stewart and then pass out. I did a LOT yesterday, and I can feel it in my body today, but the sense of satisfaction at having gotten SO much done is just HUGE.

A bit of silliness

Today I did my volunteer stint at the library in the morning (I'm their a/v repair person), then trotted off to the post office for shipping, to the doctor for two months of thyroid - funded by the check received yesterday for my winning County Fair entries! - then treated myself to a couple of replacement boxes of my favourite incense. It's a cheap thrill, which is about all I can afford at the moment. I have figured out and done the first of about twenty steps toward creating an accordian inchie book that's in the works for a swap over on iATC. I've also got the doll armature wire pieces cut and prepped for soldering tomorrow. Once I have the skeleton built, I can start sewing the musculature into place, then the skin, and THEN I can attach the arm-hands, shin-feet, and neck-head that are finally finished to my satisfaction. The piece has gotten named, based entirely on the head; The Mad Alchemist. After I'd named her, I realised it may not be entirely appropriate, but only the person who has commissioned it can tell me if it crossing any lines it shouldn't. Mr. V?

Upon my return today, a VERY special treat awaited me, as that same amazing Scottish friend sent me a birthday present! My only actual present this year! I tell you, as the years go by, I continue to learn deeper and deeper appreciation for the gentle kindnesses of friends.

Thank you all, your friendship means more than I can express in words. Thank you, everyone who took the time to write a few words of cheer and celebration. Thank you, old friends who haven't let our connection slip away, in spite of time and increasing distance. And thank you, all my new virtual friends, who have brought the kindness and acceptance into my life I have so long hoped for and sought. I love how technology allows such disparate souls to find one another and connect. I have gone from feeling alone to knowing there are a lot of sister and brother spirits out there, and I just wanted to give you all a great big virtual hug and thank you for continuing to pay your internet bills. Ha!

So as a small note of thinks (er, I mean thanks, but now that I say "thinks" I can see how it fits, too), here's a little funny for those of you in the know...(nudge nudge wink wink say no MORE)

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