Monday, December 22, 2008

Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Snowed in, I was thinking about my dog of thirty years ago, Morticia Vampira Tombstone (yeah, I was a tad Goth at the time), aka Tish or "the Hoover", who as a puppy loved to run headfirst into snow drifts and then just run around under the snow. She'd suddenly pop up unexpectedly with a grin from ear to ear, then dive right back in for more fun. Only television stations owned video equipment back in 1971, so I have only my fond memories of sweet Tish, but luckily a man in Colorado has both the equipment and a dog who also enjoys a good romp in deep snow. So as a special holiday treat, here's Harry Connick, Jr. accompanying Bailey, The Unknown Reindeer as he shows you how to REALLY enjoy being snowed in! Happy Christmas!

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