Sunday, May 10, 2009

Haiku Fest and Pepper Ann

Late last night, I surfed my way to a quite nice blog in which a lovely woman had put forth an idea for a Haiku Fest. If you know me at ALL well, you know my love of haiku from age 11, when first I encountered the form. I've been writing and reading them ever since, so of course I HAD to join in the fun! Tomorrow, all over the world, haiku lovers will be posting their pieces on their blogs for all to enjoy. I'll be here, and I invite you to be as well.

Life often seems to be an endless string of coincidences and happenstances, and the discovery of Tracy and Elizabeth's haiku-a-rama falls into that category, too. MUCH earlier in the day I was watching old episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon show I used to enjoy back in the 90s (no, I'm not that young, merely at heart), "Pepper Ann." In the following espisode, watch for the mention of "your 16th Century haiku discussion group" at 5:11...

There's a second part, but you'll be able to access that from here, or you can just click on the YouTube window above and it will take you there, where you can find part two in the list on the right. If you're confused about how to use YouTube, I would gently suggest you might not want to read any more of this blog.

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Tracy said...

Thanks for your kind works, ELS! Looking forward to reading your poem... It is Monday now as I write here and it's been a wonderful day visiting and making new friends. This haiku event has been a tremendous opportunity to meet and share a love of poetry. So glad you're joining us. :o)