Thursday, May 28, 2009

And While We're On The Subject...

..of amazing artistic women, I thought I'd invite you to fall into the featherbed of sensual androgyny that is Annie Lennox. This woman speaks for me...her voice sings the lyrics of my agonized inner howl.

So take me from the wreckage
Save me from the blast
Lift me up and take me back

Don't let me keep on walking...
Walking on broken glass

Dying is easy it's living that scares me to death

And wouldn't I run a thousand miles
To be with you
"I tell myself too many times...why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut"

This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I'll never tread
These are the dreams I'll dream instead
This is the joy that's seldom spread
These are the tears...
The tears we shed
This is the fear
This is the dread
These are the contents of my head
And these are the years that we have spent
And this is what they represent
And this is how I feel
Do you know how I feel ?
'cause i don't think you know how I feel
I don't think you know what I feel
I don't think you know what I feel
You don't know what I feel

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