Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Uplift: How Champagne Glasses Got Their Shape

In doing some research for an art doll swap, I happened on a wonderful Irish (CORRECTION: Lisa tells me she's actually a Maltese native, living in Ireland) artist, Lisa Falzon, wonderfully and completely new to me, though now that I know to look, she's all over the Net! I am especially enamoured of her Madame Pompadour, whose breasts Louis XV of France so adored he had the Royal Glassworks create a special glass just the shape and size of lady's lovely ta-tas. I knew the story, of course, but her presentation of it is so delightful I just had to share. Lisa has many lovely things for sale in her Etsy shop, or you can simply peruse her web site or her blog where, much like me, she writes and paints and makes whatever art sings to her soul. What a wonderful Tribe we artists are part of, eh folks?

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Tracy said...

That is an amazing story...funny too--and this picture is amusing!