Monday, June 22, 2009

'Tude Central

Had a MISERABLE day yesterday, in spite of just trying to lay very low (can you say "stay in bed as much as possible"?), with a myriad of meltdowns, a plethora of pain, and a hatful of hissy fits. Yeah, okay...enough with the illiteration. By bedtime I was writing notes to a friend on the other side of the world, my vituperative prose positively bleeding a vast array of profanity!

*Click 'Send,' go to bed. Wake up on the run with too much to be done in one day before my feet hit the floor. Have a slim moment of miracles and magic before the hideous umbra of the day before stole back in and darkened the day and my mood again.*

One of the things that MUST be addressed this week is the growing pile of promised artwork, so I decided to cruise a few favourite websites, not really for inspiration but rather for a little "you can DO it!" shove. So there I was on Illustrated ATCs, enjoying all the beauty and inventive ideas, when BOOM! The very illustrated expression of my last two days had been created. S. L. Scheibe (Sal to her friends) is a terrific artist and very pleasant human being, too. She describes herself as "a freelance graphic designer and web developer in Ontario,"but she's far more than that to those of us who benefit from her various modes of expertise.

Seeing those pictures of my mood made me laugh, and laughing defanged my fractiousness, of course. Hurray for has such amazing powers of persuasion, healing, expression, and on and on. What has art done for YOU lately?

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