Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jedi Master In The White House

Have you seen this footage?

A entire FLOOD of thoughts hit me when I saw that small piece of film. At the center of my own set of principles is Intent is Everything. I frequently use a story from Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography Of A Yogi to illustrate how important Intent is to everything we think/do/are. The story is of Yogananda as a young student of his guru Sri Yukteswar. Sitting one dusk at his master's feet, he lifts his hand reflexively against a mosquito inserting a "hypodermic needle into his thigh," only to suddenly remember a harmlessness aphorism he'd been taught, and stayed his hand.

"Why didn't you finish the job?" asked Yukteswar
"Master! Do you advocate taking life?!" exclaimed Yogananda in shock
"No, but in your mind you had already struck the deathblow." answered Yukteswar

Intent, it's all about intent. Once you really understand that, then it becomes completely possible to kill a fly with a clear understanding of any repercussions. A lot of people worry that Obama doesn't have what it takes to "push the button," but the calm, PIERCING intent he showed when killing that fly puts those fears to rest. And for those of us who worry about someone in his position being too eager to push that button, Obama's calm and apparently constant centeredness soothes our weary brows.

Yep, Obama is the perfect man for his job! A Jedi Master in the White House!

Or maybe his skill is simply the result of a childhood spent in tropical places with lots of bugs.

Either way, the Force is strong in this one...

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