Friday, May 8, 2009

On the Road Again...

My wonderful schoolbus-turned-rv and rolling studio is loaded and ready to roll again...this time I'm head west to Hobuck Beach, a camp owned and run by the Makah Nation. I plan to spend from a week to a month over on the Pacific Coast, walking, biking, singing, dancing, thinking, and creating art, art, and more art. I'll be parked JUST south of Cape Flattery, which is as far north and west you can go in the Lower 48.

I made my last grocery run today, stopped by the art supply in hopes my Copic refills had arrived, went in for my annual bloodletting session at the doctor (all my various levels are being checked), and did little odds and ends that needed doing. The embroidery thread needed to finish up the sashiko piece for the silk quilt I'm creating hasn't come in yet, but that's no big deal as I have plenty of other things to occupy my hands and mind while gone. I have TONS of dvds along, so between my iPod, laptop, art, and library, I feel quite content. I always overpack, ANYONE who has traveled with me will tell you that! And again I offer my apologies, gentlemen.

I switched out chairs in the bus earlier this evening, removing the antique rocker that has never quite worked on previous treks, and replacing it with a lovely upholstered armchair that will be FAR more comfortable for me. And for Big, who loves to sprawl in that chair.
I've got a heater along this time, something that was really needed last Fall! Electricity is my only real need whilst out and about. Boondocking really doesn't work for this ol' gal. I like my fridge and coffee maker and microwave. Actually, if I could only have one thing, it would be the fridge. I can do without the coffee maker, and the microwave is DEFINITELY not a necessity at all! Electric light is nice, but not at ALL necessary, but electricity to recharge my computer and phone and pod are fairly important, too. Those three I could charge using the little portable inverter I keep on hand. So we're back to the fridge. No matter, for I plan to buy electricity while I'm gone.

Tuesday I go to the doctor for my test results, to the art supply one final time, and to the grocery for fresh bread, milk, and half and half. Wednesday morning, I go out, unplug, and get on the road again!

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somanylives said...

Hey, you go girl, and enjoy!!!

Jealous, jealous, jealous......