Sunday, May 10, 2009


New Mexico
High desert Summer
Violet ribbons of grass
Black birds fill the sky

The Ravine
Velvet cloak of Spring grass
cut by red clay; dry ghosts of dirt
Sunflowers light the shade

Desert Cake
Earth laid bare by time,
Decorated by piñons;
sunflower confetti

First Sign of Spring
Longer days now
The pink light of sunset
lingers past six

Don't Go Back to Sleep!
In my Spring garden
A bird not seen before lands,
sings, then flies away

Winter Lingers
Pussy willows bloom
Cold blossoms shiver in the breeze
The stove still warms us

Colour Returns
Clouds gone, sun is out
Jeweled hummingbird returns
Apple trees blossom

Dusk's Sweet Song
A new sound at dusk
From the reeds the sweet rasp and
croak of newborn frogs

April Day

Perfect day; dog barks
Children laugh a block away
Songbirds in chorus

Territorial Twitter
Red-winged blackbird
Advertises his great plot
"Cattail fluff for nest!"

Cool sheets against legs
Rumble of the cat nearby
Soft cover of sleep

Another Grey Morning
Graveled eyes open
Sodden light through dirty panes;
Dream fades; day begins

Love's Tomb

Two empty cups and
wilted flowers on the table;
silent testament

Betrayed not by love
But by fear - and the real pain
is that I don't care

Spinning free in time
No bearings to anchor my heart
Sails luft, ship adrift


Northbound Train
One hundred wood ducks;
Train passes, ferry arrives,
Slate grey sky threatens

Sunday Haiku
Getz, Miles or Billie;
Coffee cooking on the stove.
Sundays are my day

Sunday Haiku Redux

Mozart on Sunday
Eggs and bacon on the stove
The calm in the storm

Sunday Paper
Sunday newspaper
Offers important world news
First read the funnies

Spiritual Help
Reading the paper
my cat friend sprawls across to
help me not worry


Help Wanted
Cat sleeping soundly
Until I need to focus
Then he's wide awake

The Assistant 
The cat types for me
In a language unknown
To any but him

Haiku Rules

A season and cut;
5-7-5 syllables;
Description of now


Tracy said...

So many many little beautiful gifts here, ELS! And you photos tie in so well. This event has been a wonderful opportunity to meet and share with you and many...thanks so much! :o)

Shell said...

Hey Els, what a bounty of wonderful and beauty Haiku. I am moved by your words.

Sarah said...

Wow you are the Haiku Queen! I love them all! I especially love the one about the Spring morning and all of the ones about Sunday. I like they way they reflect your world and give me little insights into it.
Love the photos too-especially the first one-stunning!

Lea said...

beautful... reading through them all, I am still captivated by the second line of the first haiku... violet ribbons of grass... amazing

Mary lin Huskamp said...

THANK you for visiting my blog and YOURS is WONDERFUL! Love the thoughts of haiku. I have you in the drawing!