Thursday, May 28, 2009

Madonna, Eat Your Heart Out!

Back in the 80s, as Ronnie Reagan and Margaret Thatcher led a full-bore onslaught of worldwide Conservatism, and just before the utter decimation of our artistic culture due to the terror of AIDS ...

*'cuse me for a second...I've gotta get my gag reflex under control again...there, that's better, I just remembered they're no longer a part of our day to day world.* I was saying, before fear and intolerance became the mainstay of Humanity's Mindset, there were some VERY interesting artists in the world. Amongst the stylesetting musical women of that era, Cindy Lauper and Annie Lennox are still icons to me; Debbie Harry and Madonna, are now boring in the extreme...but then, I was never a fan of either one.

Of the female music icons, perhaps the most outstanding, stylistically was - and continues to be - Grace Jones. Her personal ethos, etc., aside, the visual treat she has always represented is eye candy at its apex. Ms. Jones is that perfect concoction of beautiful beautifully captured recently by Andrea Klarin.

Here is a video of Grace in her heyday, 1985, proving the accordians are terminally hip.

On stage, Ms. Jones still has abundant style and energy, setting a new high bar for living large after 60! Grace Jones is a glorious example of some very good genetic soup, and is making better art now, in my opinion, than she did twenty years ago. Truly, she is a couture dominatrix. But don't take my word, judge for yourself in this current video that Ms. Jones as the real world manifestation of HR Giger's art:

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