Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Thoughts and Questions - Mind the Gap

Almost from birth, I've kept a journal consisting of thoughts, questions, and ideas in written and graphic form. I've been creating what many in the art world now refer to as "art journaling." I fell out of the habit in my late twenties, but picked it back up when I landed at IBM, and have simply carried on ever after. There's some pretty cool stuff contained in my shelf of hard-bound 8x10 volumes, so I thought I'd occasionally share a tidbit randomly selected by opening one book or another and dumping the contents of the page here. That said, here's of my "what if" questions I ask the cosmos...

"Assuming the pundits are right and the world continues in its current education pattern, then if 2068 is statistically the last year a man will earn a BA, what will society be like my 2100? What is the socio-economic impact of a female-dominated world; a world in which women are the educated sect and men the physically adept? Would the division grow and the two sexes eventually divide into two different types (genus) of humans? Would the intellectual and economic power of women inevitably extend to genetic manipulation? Would this be a more peaceful world? Would physical labor suddenly become more valuable? Will childbearing change to a laboratory event and childrearing become largely a male endeavor, and if so, how will that shift the mindset of those children and eventually the balance of power in the world?

Just because females are more successful in their pursuit of the intellect, does it stand to reason that females will eventually control the world again?"

Mind the Gap

And because I collect quotes that move me, I'll close with one from Jean Houston; "People cannot stand the spiritual aridity and meaningless of living on the surface too long."

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